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Another Not-the-One Date

     Sunday was my date with Buff Shorty.  As expected, his 5’5” claim was 5’3” in actuality, and that was with shoes.  Oddly enough the buffness from his pictures was an understatement.  His biceps were bigger than my thighs and bulging so much that his t-shirt sleeves did not fit over them so his shirt puffed at the shoulders.  Ladies, if this gets your heart racing, I’ll gladly pass along his number.
    What went wrong:
     I met him on eHarmony and after asking the first round of multiple choice questions, he decided to skip the rest of “the process” and went straight to email.
     I realize now that I like “the process” because I learn more about them overall.  Sure, you could just ask the same questions in an email but once you develop a dialogue, it is hard to back track and you forget to ask.  As a result, we had very little to talk about because we had very little in common, which most likely would have been discovered during “the process.”  What we did talk about was incredibly dull after an hour of it.
     How dull you want to know? When I was running errands later that afternoon, I had this little ditty playing over and over in my head.

           Every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited you. Party pooper.  Party pooper.   


I took that as my brain telling me – hey, he’s not the one either.
Moving on.


Final Report Card

     I have completed my Love in 90 Days journey.  Dr. D gives us a checklist in the last chapter to recap on our progress.  Here are my answers to the questions she asks.

1)     Are you putting out feminine “go” signals?  Do you dress or act in a more attractive way?

I have bought a lot more deep-V dresses and shirts so the mangoes are on parade more often, still not completely comfortable flaunting them about.  My “go” signal skills may need a little work.  Drunks and Crazies still flock to me like white on rice so I’m apparently sending out a “go” holler.  Need to tweak this a bit.

2)     Has the number of e-mail and phone interactions with potential dates increased since the beginning of the Program?

Define “potential.”  If they are not putting me to sleep or calling to complain about their ex or the online dating site then they are sending me gem emails like the one I received last weekend.

      “Hay, you seam cool…”

3)     Has the number of actual dates each week increased?

Nope.  Hit or miss here.  Dr. D has made me stamp out the DUDs (aka Definitely Unworkable Dudes) right away.  I meet a lot of DUDs.

4)     Are you dating better-quality men?

See answer to question 2.  If they make it through the email/phone process then yes, they are better quality.  Now I just need to work on quality with pizzazz and find the STUDs (aka Seriously Terrific, Utterly Devoted Dudes) Dr. D believes I can find.

5)     How have your dating habits changed?

I leave the house.  That’s a lot of work for someone who likes to play hermit.

6)     Which Deadly Dating Patterns have you broken out through?

Just Buddies – I make more of an effort to put on make-up, perfume, and well…waxing.  (If they only knew)

Hermit – Dying to be one again!  Think it’s possible to find a guy that doesn’t mind if I stay home and cook while watching football?  I would think that’d be a dream for most men but all the men I find don’t like sports.  I’m flabbergasted.

7)     Are you looking for something different in a relationship now?

I’m not looking for something different in the relationship per se, but the courtship yes.  Dr. D points out that we should all be pursued, shown that we are wanted.  Hence my recent desire to want to be wooed.  Never thought about it before and as Dr. D so strongly points out – I’m worth it!

     Needless to say, I did not find love within a ninety day time frame.  I have not been consistently working my Program of Three due to lack of STUDs.  Nonetheless, I will soldier on.  Dr. D had some good tips and pointers that I will carry with me as my hunt for eligible STUDs continues. 

Though, as one countdown ends, another begins…106 days until New Year’s Eve.