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Put Me in Coach

          Got a pep talk from my esthetician the other day.  I went in for my routine eye brow threading and side of little Asian woman wisdom.  I’m sure I’m not alone in my helpings of Vietnamese nosiness as to if you have a boyfriend, why not, and when are you getting married.  It seems to be a big concern of theirs if you’re single.

          I’m lucky enough to have an esthetician who is not only motherly but believes she’s cupid as well.  When she came to get me from the waiting area she did the normal catch up questions, asked me how I’m feeling, telling me I look tired and work too much.  As soon as we got to the her room she apparently had an epiphany.  With a gasp she said, “You should do  One of my clients did and now she’s married and has a rich husband.”

          “Oh,” I replied and then laid on the table, hoping this was the end of the topic but knowing her, I knew I was in for more. 

          She then, in her Vietnamese accent, told me about another client.  “She older, never married.  She found rich husband and so happy.”   She continued, “I have another client, she divorced.  Thought she never marry again, but she did.”  Oh wait, still more, “And my other client, she found rich husband and now she come here more.  That’s what you need.  You find rich husband, then you can come here more.  And relax, and get facial, and no worry., they did.”   You quickly learn, if you didn’t already know, that doctor/patient, lawyer/client confidentiality doesn’t hold water in the salon world.

          Meanwhile, she is working away at my threading.  For those of you who have never tried it before – hurts like hell but great results.  Anyway, as I’m making all these weird faces to hold the skin tight and reduce the pain she says, “You should do online dating.  I think many men will like you.  You young, pretty (not exactly at that moment, but she seemed to think so), you have business.  Don’t say you work a lot because then maybe guy lazy and he do nothing.”  She continued, “You should find rich husband then you can come here all day and we take care of you.”  So not only do I need to find a husband according to her, but now he has to be rich.

          The topic slowly simmered down and we moved on to some other topics.  At the end of my appointment I got up and was getting ready to leave when she said, “Remember,  When you go home, you do.” 

          Oh, if she only knew the mess I’ve already gotten myself into.