Leaving it to Fate

     I celebrated the New Year with good friends at a small family owned bar.  They treated patrons to a champagne toast every hour until our time zone reached midnight.  My wingwoman, Half-pint, was picked up by a twenty-year-old kid, and I was followed around by his older cousin, Puppy-Dog, for a majority of the night.  At the end of the night, when my friends and I decided to leave, Puppy-Dog had the gall to grab his coat and exit with us.  Hey Buddy, following me around all night like a puppy-dog and not once even attempting to buy me a drink, isn’t exactly paving the way for a New Year’s shag.  Just sayin’.  Needless to say there was no shag-time, and even though he asked for my number, the comment of, “If nothing ever happens, I just want you to know I had a good time tonight,” clearly pointed out that he was never going to use my number.  I was spot on with that call and haven’t heard from him…and I’m not losing sleep over it either.

     The first week of the New Year down, and the dating “project” for this year decided, it is time to share.  Now, this decision may bring tears to some of your eyes, as it did with Buddha Babe, but it must be done.  In my years of date-blogging, I have tackled online dating, a self-help book, speed dating, set-ups, etc.  It is time to try the only thing I haven’t tried…FATE.  This year I’m leaving the luck of my love life to Fate.  That being said, my date count will drop drastically not leaving me much to blog about.  So, unless Fate sets in motion something earth-shattering, this may most likely be my only post this year.  Don’t fret too much, I’ll still be tweeting it up from time to time.

     I thought giving myself and blog a proper send-off was in order, so I compiled a “The Best of Zia” list to keep you entertained in my dating absence.  

Post that was  numerously retweeted, reposted by other bloggers, and stirred up a hefty comment discussion: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

A Sample of the Prince Charmings that I’ve come across: Careful What You Wish For 

Even in my non-dating life I find rare jewles…and, well, maybe posting on Craigslist had something to do with it too: Oh, Sammy Boy

Zia in a guest appearance: Treasure Down Under 

Example of how I’m a class-act on a date: More Bug Wine, Please

     Thanks for reading, and best of luck to all of you in 2012.  Go out there and get your flirt on!


  1. Erica Said:

    I just don’t care anymore in regards to dating. I’m sick and tired of putting myself out there only to never hear back from the guy. It’s annoying, I hate contacting them and I know they’ve gotten the text or call and they just ignore it, so yeah I guess I’m leaving it up to fate as well.

  2. Sonny Said:

    Hi Zia — love your name!! So appropriate for this blog. I just started reading your blog and after getting through to Dec 2010 and reading Erica’s comments above – I’ll tell you that there is SUCH a problem with today’s dating scene. And I can totally concur with Erica. Here is what I would love for you to comment on – perhaps you already did and I just didn’t get to it but, with respect to both genders — there are a lot of dogs out there. Case in point – one of your fans from 2010 dated my friend and he wrote what a woman can do to make dating better and how she should act so that she is viewed seriously by the guy. So, what about the dogs like him who manipulate to get what they want and then dump the woman? So he got what he wanted through manipulation. Let’s not forget the dogs who play the game and when they don’t get sex or find they are with a respectable woman dump them. So Erica, those guys you’ve been dating? Don’t give them a second thought cause all they were was some cheesy ass losers!

    • ziazitella Said:

      Hey Sonny. What I’ve always come across is the ones who claim to “hate games,” play the most – and that’s just annoying. I’m a little unclear on what you wanted me to comment on, but I’d be happy to.

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