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Bio Pointers

The profile: There is so much to talk about here but let’s focus on the content of the bio section.


          Seriously, you can’t come up with anything to say about yourself other than, “I don’t know what to write here.  Ask me anything.”?  Well that really prompts a lot of conversation starters.  Way to be original and reel people in.  Another favorite is, “I’m easy to talk to, just try me.” – Talk to you about what!?  You’re not giving me anything to work with.  Or, the best, “I’m really funny.”  Then write something comical you boring twit.

          People don’t pull conversations out of mid air.  Imagine being at a party, an icebreaker could come from a comment on the food, music, someone’s outfit, etc.  There’s no food or music online – just you.  Whatever you think might be boring and mundane to people, may actually be interesting to someone.  Talk about anything; where you’ve lived, traveled, what you do for fun.  But give us something.

          And starting off, “I’m just giving this a try.”  Dude, really?  Pretty sure that’s what everyone’s doing.  Don’t waste the line.  Put in how you have six toes instead.

          For those of you out there that do have witty and/or informative bios, kudos to you.  This goes a long way.  Show’s you put thought and effort into it which translates into you putting thought and effort into other aspects of your life.  This will also help with picture hesitation.  But I’ll get to that later…

Let the countdown begin

         Online dating – all the rage?  Friends do it (or do it for you), strangers talk about it, and you hear success stories.  But honestly, how many success stories are there?  Can it be done?  Or do we just mention the few we hear about and they become the celebrities of online dating?

          If you’re in my boat, your friends, who think you’re amazing – as they should – want you to find someone to share your life with and are baffled that no one realizes what they already know.  So they take matters into their own hands, as in my case, hop online and search for you.  This was followed by emailed links of profiles for me to check out.  Which were followed by response emails, something along the lines of: “No.”  “No.”  “Hell no.” and “What were you thinking?”

          For fear that this may not end or that other friends may join in on the hunt, I decided to have a look myself.  Like with all things in life, if you keep doing things the same way, you’ll get the same result.  So I thought, let’s see what all the fuss is about.

          Well, I’ve been doing the online thing for a short while and all I can say is, “oh my.”  And you can take that as good, bad, or ugly.  How this works for people I’m still questioning.

          However, I feel if I’m going to do this – why not share?  Maybe someone will pick up some dos & don’ts.  Others may just take comfort in knowing they’re not the only one these bizarre things happen to.  And others, those in relationships, may enjoy the laugh and thank their lucky stars they’re not single.

          To answer the question – does this really work?  We’re going to find out.  Since I don’t want to be an eternal online dater, I’m giving myself until New Year’s to see if someone out there is worth ringing in the new year with.  Three more months to see if Cupid’s Arrow has also been upgraded in the technology age.  Who knows, iArrow may be the newest thing on Mt. Olympus.