Everyone always says you’ll meet the person you’re meant to be with when you least expect it, the classic example being: at the supermarket without make-up.  I can safely say I usually go to the grocery store looking like a complete train wreck and have yet to catch anyone’s eye.

Another word of wisdom is to not or stop looking and it will just come to you.    Other than my bills, not much else comes to me.

Then there are those that say be aggressive and go after what you want.  However, I don’t believe they mean the chocolate peanut butter ice cream I’m shoveling into my pie-hole.

So all this brings me here, I tried all suggestions at once with my online dating project.  I was able to look dishevelled, while the internet did the “looking,” and an email was as aggressive as it got.  And, on days when I felt wild, I use ALL CAPS to be really aggressive.  But in the end I proved online dating was not the wave of my future.

So, it was back to the drawing board.  This year I’ve decided to try a self-help book.  Love in 90 Days by: Dr. Diana Kirschner.  She does have me going back to online dating, which I’m not optimistic about, but will go into with an open mind.  What she really has me doing is taking a long hard look at myself, what I want, and letting me know what I deserve is attainable and out there.  This new experiment will only work if I give it my all, so “my all” it is.

As for my Zia Zitella status, this is more of a foreshadowing.  As of now I only have one cat, and keep the knitting to a minimum.



  1. arjenrr Said:

    There is some curiouscity from across ‘the pond’ to whom this romantic is that hangs out on OKC.

    • Anita Kloo Said:

      What are you curious about?

      • Katarina Said:

        I think I’m confused – are you curious about ziazatella? ME TOO! 🙂

        Two months until New years!! I need a date too. Jimmy – you got any big shoes you could strut your stuff in for New Year’s? I’m 5’6″ so if I wear heals, you might have to platform it. 😉

      • arjenrr Said:

        Ah well, since I am on OKC too. Just to see who is who 😉

      • ziazitella Said:

        Actually, I deleted my file from OKC. Wasn’t having any luck with it. Sorry. 🙂

      • Katarina Said:


        6’5″ is lovely – what fun to wear any shoes I want!!! Are you really that tall? Don’t be a tease now!

      • Anita Kloo Said:

        Wait, hold the shoes! Who is this blog about? Katarina, are you trying to snatch the boys up before Zia?

      • Katarina Said:

        LOL – I’m such a flirt – I can’t help it. 😉 Big shoes, little shoes, we should all go dancing for New Year’s! There are enough ladies and gents for all to have a partner! 🙂

      • ziazitella Said:

        And where do you suppose this transcontinental dance party take place?

      • arjenrr Said:

        All’s fair in….

        Isn’t it?

      • Katarina Said:

        @ Arjenrr – all of my shoes are danceable – do you dance?

        @zia – Where are all the party people at? California is warm this time of year!

      • arjenrr Said:

        @Katarina – clicked the wrong reply button, so the order of messages is wrong.
        “@Katarina – sure, in any shoes. Skiing-boots even. Have you ever skied in Europe?”

      • arjenrr Said:


        For sure. But now I wonder what taste in shoes you have.. 😉

      • arjenrr Said:


        Would 6’5″ be more fitting for you? 😉
        Then you can wear any heels you like 😀

  2. arjenrr Said:

    @Katarina – sure, in any shoes. Skiing-boots even. Have you ever skied in Europe?

  3. I am really enjoying your blog! It’s cute and funny!

  4. Katarina Said:

    I’ve only been skiing once – am hoping to maybe try it again this winter. I have not been skiing in Europe – only been to Europe during spring months – I hear that there is amazing skiing there though! Are you a big skier?

    • arjenrr Said:

      Hey Katarina,

      Skiing, at least 2 times a year. A bit of a die hard even. But that especially| when sailing.

      What’s your forte? 😉

      BB, Arjen

  5. Katarina Said:

    Hi Arjean,

    I would like to try skiing again and I really like to go sailing (don’t know what I’m doing, but I make a great passenger!) :). What part of Europe do you live?

    My forte, huh? Really, though, I wasn’t teasing – I love to go dancing. 🙂


    • arjenrr Said:

      Hey Katarina,

      I live in the Netherlands. And whereabouts do you live?

      BB (bye-bye), 😉

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