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Tool Time

     The other day, while taking the train on my way home from work, I got a text from a number that didn’t match any IDs in my phone.  Seeing as this happens sometimes when I exit the subway or get off a plane, I didn’t think too much of it.  I opened the message to find the enticing: Hi 🙂  -Great, I’m dealing with an extreme conversationalist.

     I simply replied that the number wasn’t reading and I asked who it was, having a keen sense that it was some guy I met during my online dating days.  He took it as a joke and told me it was “a good one” but he prefered the “I just changed to a new phone and have no numbers saved.”  Moron.  I explained the exiting the subway bit, that I wasn’t making anything up, and I had no clue as to who he was.  I was certain it was a he (meaning online idiot) at this point.    

We finished up our texting chat like this:

Him:  I met you on pof.  What’s your username? 

(Look Buddy, you contacted me, what’s your name?) 

My response: Must have been a long time ago.  I’m not on pof anymore.

     Haven’t heard from him since.  My deductive reasoning tells me that the only guy that would want to bicker with me via text would be none other than the Latin Boy -Feisty Game Player.  What a tool.  Dude, it has been over three months, in what world do you think I, or any woman, would have sat around and waited for you?  Obviously, your charm worked so well the first time around.