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     It seems that all things in life come in spurts.  When you’re in your early twenties, just out of college, there is a burst of weddings.  A few years later there is a bit of a baby boom, and not necessarily from the friends who got married.  Then there is a lull.  By the time you get to your late twenties to early thirties there is another burst of weddings.  This burst lasts a bit longer so it’s more of a slow burn on a stick of dynamite.  I now fall into this “Ka-Boom.”  Within the next eight months I have three weddings, and a would-be fourth but it was postponed due to bride’s unexpected pregnancy.

     Fortunately, I have strategically placed myself on the other side of the continent and can get out of attending most.  I’m aiming to dodge the family weddings.  That is all I need, old-world wisdom and the third degree as to why I’m over 30 and still single.  This would be followed by snide, “you’re next” comments and “You’re on the market, put yourself out there.” 

Oh, I’m on the market alright.  I just seem to be at a store no one can find.

     In hopes of some guy finding “my store,” I decided I need a personal locator, a go-between, a…wingwoman.  I figure if a guy can have a wingman, why can’t I have a wingwoman?  And so the search is on.  Step one in finding a 2010 New Year’s Eve date. 

How will I find said wingwoman?  Simple.  I posted an ad on Craigslist – Wingwoman/women Wanted.

     I had to be very clear with my intentions and stated that I was looking for someone to grab a beer with and that I’m not running a pimpmobile.

     This is all new territory for me.  I’m searching for someone on the same team and gearing up for some…ah…lady dates.  No need to worry about shaving, waxing, or plucking though.  It’s a nice change.