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Get Your Flirt On (Part 2)

     My previous post left off with me sending smoke signals via flirt moves to a guy in a bar I was hoping would rescue me from Drunkass’ slobber.  Here’s how the night turned out:

     During one of my look up, look away moves, I turn to Shortstack to say something and then suddenly the lone trio member is standing in front of our booth.  Victory!  He’s standing there with a smile and making eye contact.  (Ooh, I’m on the receiving end of Move #1.)  He introduces himself and then all of the sudden, like vultures, the entire trio is at our table and Drunkass is out numbered.

     There is some awkward shouting from across the booth conversation because I still have Drunkass sitting to my right.  Nothing a quick trip to the bathroom can’t fix.  I tap Drunkass’s shoulder (Damn it! – Move #5) and excuse myself.  When I return to the booth there had been some seat shuffling and Drunkass was gone…for now.

     I plop myself down and next thing I know I am sitting between my Rescue Ranger and his buddy, Mr, High-5.  (The dude was all about some high-5 action.)  Not a bad turn of events.  And since the flirt machine was already turned on, what makes you think it would suddenly turn off?  Flirtalicious was still on the loose and seemed to be contagious.  My girls and the trio were all over open-ended questions (Move #13), laughing at jokes (Move #10), and lots of smiling, eye contact, looking away and then back again (Move #1 and #3.)  Really, this just sounds like people with drinks in them having a good time.  But hey, who am I to second guess the Doc?  Drink on Flirt on my friends, flirt on.

     At one point I heard my last name being said across the booth.  Since Half-pint and I have the same first name, she was distinguishing us by our last names to Dimples (the third member of the trio.)  Rescue Ranger overheard my last name and this led to our big moment…

Rescue Ranger:  Italian?

Zia:  Yes.

He puts his fingers on my wrist (received Move #5) and then slides my hoodie up my arm a bit.

Rescue Ranger:  But you’re not hairy.

(Eeerr…received Move #11 – Compliment?)

Zia:  No.  No, I’m not.

     With moves like that, I am sure this guy gets his pick of the litter when he heads out.

     The night rolls on.  Drunkass makes a return and falls asleep in the booth.  Rescue Ranger hits the pool table, Mr. High-5 chats up a storm, and Dimples maybe said seven sentences all night.  But who really cares?  He had dimples.  Duh.

     Closing time and my clan and I start heading out.  We say our good-byes and this is where reading these sixteen moves would have been beneficial.

“Move #16 – When leaving, say you’d like to see him again.”

     I have to walk by the pool table, where Rescue Ranger is, to exit.  He interrupts his game for a minute and stops me to give me a hug good-bye.  We make some comments about the game and then I walk off.  Huh?  Oh yeah, I – walk – off.  “Hey, let’s hang out again sometime” never made it into my brain.

     We get outside and Shortstack gets into Miss Fererra’s car and they drive off.  I hop into Half-pint’s, we sit there for a sec, and then she says how she had such a great time and wishes we could do it again. 

Okay, let’s recap:  Three of them, four of us, and no one thought of doing a number exchange!? – Idiots, the lot of us. 

     Did we screw up?  Well, that can easily be answered.  As Half-pint backed out and started pulling away, I spotted Mr. High-5 rushing out the door.  But it was too late, we were on the road.  I made brief eye contact with him but all he got out was one final wave.  Flirtalicious, sure.  Smooth Operator, hell no.

     Let’s hope, armed with these rules, things go a little better as I hit the town with my wingwoman, Miss Independent, tonight.

Live and in Person

          After meeting so many guys through online dating sites, meeting people for the first time in person was like kickin’ it old-school.  Shook things up and kept me on my toes.  I heard of this “connecting event,” as Social Bling called it, through them finding me on twitter.  The basic plan was to get people who have things in common in the same room and introduce them to each other.

The set-up: Bar.  Happy Hour prices for the night.  A hostess greets you, by name, and introduces you to the others there.  Was a little freaked when the hostess called me by my name but then the lightbulb went off and I remembered she asked for a picture when you registered.

The planned entrance: Flawless hair and make-up. Both essential for two reasons.  One, hide the enormous zit that has taken up residence on my chin.  Two, distract from the fact that my winter jacket in barricaded in the garage and I’m wearing an oversized gray stained hoodie.  If hair and make-up didn’t do the trick, then the hope lied in the red scarf and black heels.  Enter calmly, survey my surroundings, and then mingle.

The actual entrance: Drove around for 20 minutes trying to figure out where the bar was.  Annoyed.  Parked two blocks away and then walked in heels.  Entered with windblown hair, frustration, and a full bladder.  Fortunately make-up did its job.

          My initial reaction when I walked in was that it was a small turn out and primarily women.  Okay, New Year’s Date most likely won’t be found.

          The surveying of the room went exactly how you would picture it in the movies.  There was an older gentlemen at the end flirting (or trying to flirt) with the younger ladies, the token group of young women talking about clothes, fashion, etc., the sex kitten past her prime but unaware of it, and of course the lush who mistook wine for water.

          I stood around and chatted it up with a nice group of people, good mix.  Slim pickins’ on the men front.  The one man who could have been a potential disappeared for a while.  When he returned I over heard him saying he had a sneezing attack and might be allergic to something.  Seeing as he was standing next to me when this attack spawned I don’t think there’s a future for us.  Note to self: find men who are not allergic to you.

          Before I left I spoke with the hostess a bit more and she asked what I was looking for from Social Bling I told her my plan for the New Year, well lack of plans.  She said she’s actually working with a matchmaker now to plan more date-geared events.  Great, now I have someone working for me in the real world.  Although, this event probably won’t take place before the New Year.  So, back to the original square for now.   

          The night ended.  Said good-bye to the hostess, steered clear of sneezy pants, and as in the movies, noticed the lush hitting it off with the older man at the end of the bar.  Ah, nice to know that even though I’m dating online, in real life some things never change.