Latin Boys

          Some of the most recent boys happen to be hispanic. Oddly enough, I haven’t had too many Rico Suaves contact me.  I noticed I usually get a pretty even black/white split, with the occasional Asian or Middle Easterner.  But now with the Latin boys I get waves of compliments on my appearance and that’s pretty much all they got.  Except for one.  He gets his own “special” category.

          We emailed a bit and then exchanged numbers.  He shot a text over on Thanksgiving and then tried to call that weekend.  He never left a message and I was working.  I returned his call.  No voicemail picked up so I didn’t leave a message.  Figured he’d see the missed call, like I did, and call back.  Nothing.  By Monday I basically wrote him off.

          Then about a week ago I got an out-of-the-blue email from him.  Which developed into a string of emails that went like this:

Him:  I totally forgot all about you! How have you been?

Me:    Now there’s a way to win someone back over, telling them you forgot about them! LOL
I’m fine. How about you? Where’d you disappear to?

Him:  Haha, yeah well I’m not trying to win you back over; just saying hello. Besides, I called you a couple of times at first but you never called me back so I just deleted your # and moved on. I have zero patience for games, ya know? 😉

Me:  You called a weekend I was working.  And actually, I did call you back. You didn’t answer and voicemail never picked up. You never left me a vm, so I figured you’d see my missed call and call me back. Ah, technology. Same as you though, I don’t do the game thing. ^-^

Him:  NOPE!! I called you back after you called me back! haha Anyway, you goober, call me later then…its your turn! 😉

Me:  AH – no way!? I did not see another call from you. I would not have left you hanging like that. Fine, my turn, I’ll call you. One condition – do you still remember my real name? 😉

…I can’t believe you called me a goober.
Him:  One condition? Yes Zia…you are a goober just for playing games and testing me right now. 😉

Me:  🙂 No, game play. Just a simple question. I asked because some guy on here did forget my name and kept calling trying to get my voicemail trying to hear it. – No joke.

          I did call him only to get no answer and then no call back.  Funny, isn’t it, how he claims to not have time for games?  He seems to be pretty good at them.

          He eventually did call me a couple days later.  Was apparently out-of-town skiing.  We chatted for over a half hour.  Haven’t heard from him again. 

For those of you curious and that recall ADD, he was the jewel who forgot my name.

Amazing, really, it’s like I’ve bathed in Y-chromosome repellent and no one told me.  Of course, with Feisty Game Player, I don’t think it’s a big loss.



  1. Jimmy Said:

    This guy sounds like a weirdo…Great post though. Wish I had more of an ethnic mix in my dating circles – only ever dated white girls. Shame.

    • ziazitella Said:

      Weirdo for sure. He called me again last night & I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s just a douche

  2. Red Ribbon Said:

    Yeah… Whatta douche. Here’s a great site. Maybe you’d meet someone here. free dating

    Goodluck Girl! You go!

  3. B. Said:

    I like how this guy would rather have a passive-aggressive fight with you about who called whom than talk about something else and take you on a date.

    I swear to god, I’ve been mentally indexing every non-felon I know who’s got a job and isn’t deformed to try and find you a date, but I can’t think of any. I guess, you know, because I’m being so picky…

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