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The Wrestler

     In order for any relationship to work there needs to be a good dose of reality.  After receiving an email and then reading the next contestant’s online profile and finding under “interests” he put “thumb wrestling,” I was intrigued.  The basis of our communications have gone like this:

Zia:  Your the first I’ve read to list “thumb wrestling” as an activity. You do this often? Big tournaments 😉 No office pools for that though, huh?

Thumber:  No pools unfortunately but I almost went pro with the UTWC (Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Championships) until I had a freak thumb sprain using my mouse.

Zia:  So tragic that the mouse induced strain kept you from the championships. You’ll get’em next year.

Thumber:  Yes, I have put my thumb on a high protein program that is doing wonders, thanks for asking.

Zia:  I think the protein diet should do the trick. Especially if you add in some extra stretching to prevent future injury. You don’t want to futher damage the money maker.

Thumber:  Haha, yeah I should make a little coat to keep him warm before matches.

Zia:  I’m thinking something in the way of leg-warmer only finger size as a warm-up jacket might be nice. Maybe with the words “Big T” on the side to boost his self-esteem.

     All this charming banter, he couldn’t resist.  We’re going out tonight.  With a solid foundation like this, I think we’ll be fine.