To Smooch or Not to Smooch

My previous post ended with Gameless Joe Jackson having a full bladder and ready to set a wedding date.

     When we got to the second bar, he mad-dashed it to the restroom while I found seats at the bar.  Our drinking and chatting continued.  He pulled out his phone, opened up the calendar, and picked the dates he wanted to go camping.  Everything he talked about with me was always about the future.  Other than wanting to go camping for our third date, resulting in us skipping a week of seeing each other, we seemed to be right on schedule with seeing each other once a week.  A slow steady pace, but it was working for us.  So I let him know that I was going to be out-of-town the following weekend for a trip back east.

     I took another quick bathroom break, and again I found myself returning to a full beer waiting for me.  Being a week night, no food in my system, I really didn’t need it.  But I really hate being wasteful, so…bottoms up.

     On our walk back to our cars, I thought he may attempt to come through on his promised “hand-holding,” but he didn’t.  He still seemed a bit intimidated and nervous.  All I could think is that it was date three.  He most likely will go in for a kiss and that is probably what he is thinking about, right?

     We arrived at the parking lot and he walked me to my car.  I got a hug good-bye, and as he pulled away, in true gameless fashion, he said, “I was going to try and kiss you, but…uh…no…I can’t…I…” – And then walked away avoiding eye contact and looking a bit embarrassed.  I could tell, I completely fluster this guy.

     We returned to our texting over the next few days.  At the beginning of the following week, he double checked on when I was going out-of-town and then asked if I wanted to meet up the day before I left.  I said sure; however, the day we were to meet he cancel because of a test he had to study for that he had forgotten about.  I knew his school semester was coming to an end, so I didn’t think twice about it.  I told him I would only accept his cancellation if he aced the test.

     The next day we texted a bit before I hopped on my red-eye flight.  As I was about to turn off my phone I got one more text from him telling me to text him when I land so he wouldn’t worry.  Hmm…we’re at the “worrying about me” stage already?  Well, he did propose.  Guess we originally missed that step.  It was kind of adorable.

     I didn’t gush about this new guy to my entire family while I was home, but we did text quite a bit, so some people knew something was up.  He made reference to our camping trip and how he was getting ready for it.

     When I returned that following Monday, I thought I would hear from him since I knew he knew that I was returning.  Since I didn’t, I shot him a text making reference that I was back.  I didn’t hear back until about ten o’clock when I was so tired I was ready to hit the hay.  He apologized for not seeing the text sooner and was glad I made it back safely.  Before I put my head on the pillow I got this text: “…I am glad you are home.  I might have missed hanging out with you a little bit.”

     Things are sounding good…right?


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  1. Haha! I would’ve just grabbed him and kissed him at that point…at least you’re certain that’s where he was going…but maybe it was a “moment’s lost” kind of thing…though I’m so awkward and spazzy that wound’t have mattered…lol…either way looking good 😉

    • ziazitella Said:

      I had thought about that, but since he is quite a bit taller, all I could invision is colliding head to chin. Thought it best to hold off til next date and get him while he is sitting and before he chicken’s out.

  2. Word. Make sure there’s a “side by side” situation…that always works hehe 😉 Get him girrrl!

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