What’s Cookin’

The day of the third date…I know, it’s almost like a record for me.

     We both arrived to our third date at the same time. We parked and headed into the bar I chose which was just behind the movie theater and fortunately just opened.
Walked in, sat at the bar, and ordered a couple of beers.  As people started filling in we moved to a bar-top off to the side.  We were chatting, and at one point, as I was talking, he interrupted me to say: “We’re going camping. I just wanted you to know. I’ve decided.”  I noticed the expression on his face as he was saying this and, well…, he was admiring me.  He was sitting back on the bar stool, leaning to the side resting his head in his hand.
I just smiled, said okay, and asked when would this be happening.  He said he didn’t know yet but was thinking toward the end of the month when his classes are over.  I informed him I had a break at that time, so it would be possible.  Plus, this gave me a few more weeks to get to know him before traipsing off into the woods with him.
We continued chatting.  The “I may even try to hold your hand,” text came into the conversation and he blatantly stated he had no game.  Don’t worry, sweetheart, I caught that.
As it got closer to movie time.  I finished my beer and ducked into the bathroom.  When I returned, there was another beer waiting for me.  I looked at my full beer, and the time, and then said to him:
Zia: I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this before the movie.
Gameless Joe Jackson: We don’t have to go a movie. I just like hanging out with you.
He may not have much game, but he has his moments, for sure.
With the movie plan dead in the water, we continued talking without paying much attention to time.  He asked when I was going to cook for him.  During our second date, he asked, and we talked briefly, about cooking.  Then one night while texting, he asked when I was going to cook him dinner.  At the time I was at Buddha Babe’s apartment polishing off a bottle of wine, so I responded, “when I sober up.”  It was only date three, and I have been delaying cooking for him with sound reasoning.
Ladies, be aware of your skills.  I may not be good at much, and I don’t feel I’m a very prideful person.  But I know this – I – can – cook.  You need to know the right time to bring out your “big guns” and I felt it was still a little early.

My response to him was this…
Zia: I am aware that I can cook.  And I know that once I cook, it’s all over for you.  You’ll be in love with me and never want to leave.  I haven’t decided if I want that yet.
Gameless Joe Jackson: (small laugh, big smile) You’re right.  If you can cook, I’m not going anywhere.

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  1. sarcastic bride Said:

    I am gobsmacked, speechless. Of all the things that have happened in the world lately, stocks falling, credit rate plummeting, dj flounder getting fired, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, space program ending, none of them ever prepared me for this shocker……zia in LIKE!!!!!! Lord, you leave the country to go on vacation and you come back to a changed world.
    You and I need to talk soon girlfriend, and yes that was said with the appropriate head waggle and finger snaps!

  2. Erica Said:

    sounds like it’s going good.

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