Planning a 3rd Date

More from Gameless Joe Jackson.  The series you can’t get enough of.  Well, that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

     He asked me out again for later that week. We planned on a day and I was getting back to him with a time. And that’s when the texting really began. We would have hours long conversations throughout the day in between our schedules. We would talk about anything and everything. One could begin to wonder if we would have anything to talk about when we finally saw each other again.
     That Friday came and another four and a half hour date down. Apparently, we didn’t run out of things to say.
     More texting followed for the next couple days, plus an invite to do something that coming weekend. I said sure, but had to check my work schedule first before I could say what day I had free. He then told me his brother was going camping and he wanted to know if I wanted to join.
     Ummm, yeah, I have a good time with you, but a weekend in the woods with you? Mmm…seems a little too soon, wouldn’t you say?  He had asked what I thought of camping during our second date, and although I haven’t been in a while, I really do enjoy it.  But to go camping on a third date?  That seemed a bit much. 
I asked him for a rain check on the camping and he said “definitely.”

     Our text-flirting continued as usual, and we scheduled our third date for the following Thursday.  We decided to go to a movie since we didn’t get to one on our second date.  I also figured – third date, maybe he’ll try something.  He has been a perfect gentleman thus far, it’s time for some kind of move, right?  Once day and movie choice plans were set, we had to decide on a time.  We were originally going to meet at four but movie started at five.  He asked if I would like to get a drink first.  He suggested we park at the movie theater and then walk to a nearby bar.  After I agree to Gameless Joe Jackson’s text, this is the response I got:

Gameless Joe Jackson:  Sweet, I might even try to hold your hand!  Yes, we are back in third grade.

Zia:  Lol.  Is that a warning?  Threat?

Gameless Joe Jackson:  A promise doll.

     Nothing says, “I have no game,” like shouting out your next move.  For whatever reason, I was enjoying his pure lack of dating prowess.

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  1. Erica Said:

    aww I like him. lol

  2. Ken Said:

    In between these various suitors, may I just stop in and go down on you for a couple hours? Then I’d be on my way and you can get back to business.

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