As We Carried On

My last post about licensed pot-smoker, Gameless Joe Jackson, had us leaving Dave & Busters and continuing on.  Here’s what followed.

     We headed to a new restaurant and our conversation continued.  We talked about things we want for our futures, how many kids, additional schooling for him, he’s pre-law now, and a bunch of other topics.  I was being interviewed, but for once I didn’t feel like it.  All his questions were very conversational and time flew by.
     He was very good about not looking at his phone while we were together, but it must have been vibrating a lot on the seat next to him because he looked annoyed and then apologized and said his brother kept texting him.
     He picked up his phone to read his texts and then said, “My brother wants to know if we’d like to meet him for a round.”
     Okay, I was gathering the fact that he was smitten…but apparently so was his brother.  At this point, our date was going on four hours.

Zia: Uh, isn’t it getting late?
Gameless Joe Jackson: (teasingly) Well, yes it is.  It is all of 8:30pm.

     I knew very well it wasn’t “late,” but a four plus hour date?  I made a remark about him possibly getting sick of me or tired or something, and he replied:

Gameless Joe Jackson: Actually, I’m having a really good time.
Zia: Me too.

     We finished dinner.  I declined on the drink.  And, despite his brother crashing and the medical marijuana thing,  I was actually hoping to see him again.
     I drove him back to his car.  I got an odd passenger/driver hug good-bye, what I’m assuming was supposed to be a kiss on the cheek, but was more on the jawbone, and said good night.
     The next afternoon I shot him a text telling him I had a good time and hoped to do it again.  I got a very excited reply back telling me he couldn’t wait to do it again.  We texted quite a bit throughout the day.  And the next day he wished me a Happy Birthday.  Sweet of him to remember.
     I didn’t hear from him that Monday, but Tuesday morning I received this text: “Hey you happened through my thoughts, so I just wanted to say hi and have a good day.”

     This guy is really quite adorable, and starting to grow on me.


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  1. Mama J Said:

    oh! this sounds promising!

  2. Erica Said:

    Aw how cute of the txt he sent you.

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