And the Pitch

Monday’s post, The Wind Up, left off in the midst of my date with Gameless Joe Jackson.  Allow me to fill you in on the conversation cliffhanger I left you with.

Gameless Joe Jackson: So I just have to tell you that I take medical marijuana.  I smoke everyday.
Zia: Oh.  (Here we go.)

Gameless Joe Jackson: I have a license.

     To which he leaned to the side to get his wallet out of his pocket and pulled out his medical marijuana license to show me.  It looked official, but how would I know?  He then went on about it a little, and I listened.  He started to say why he chose pot over other drugs.  And as he began his sentence I finished it with –

Zia: …rather than take a bunch of pills and destroy your liver.
Gameless Joe Jackson: Yes! (As his eyes lit up with excitement. I got it.)

     We talked about it a bit more and I voiced how I don’t date smokers (meaning cigarettes) and although I get why he’s using pot, I’m never gonna smoke up with him.  He was okay with all of that and pointed out that he was relieved I wasn’t getting up and running away.  Didn’t bring it up, but Dude, I’ve heard it all. My shock factor is off the charts.  It’s gonna take more than pulling out a medical marijuana license to have me running for the hills.  I didn’t press as to why he was taking it.  He mentioned something about the military and figured I can ask later after I get to know him a little better.  However, he did mention that the day he was shipped off to boot camp was…9/11.  Okay, Dude, you’re allowed to have issues.
     The conversation continued and we brushed up on the “I’m broke” email and he joked how he could have a beer a month.  When he offered to get me another, I teased him about blowing his budget and making a girl feel special.  His eyes went down and he seemed to blush a little.  It was kind of cute.
     After a beer or two it was time for a bathroom run.  When I returned, he looked at me and said…

Gameless Joe Jackson:  So, you may be meeting my brother.
Zia: Huh?
Gameless Joe Jackson:  My brother text me and said he and his girlfriend are on their way here.
Zia:  Is he coming to check me out?  Make sure I’m okay.
Gameless Joe Jackson:  He’s worried.  Wants to make sure you’re not a serial killer or something.
Zia’s Thoughts:  Yeah, Dude.  You’re 6’2″ ex-military and your brother’s worried about me

     Well, this was a first.  I’ve never had someone’s family member join in on a first date.  I was only the second person he had met from online dating and I gathered the first woman was a bit of a wacko, so little bro was making sure I wasn’t another nutcase.
     We continued chatting and then I saw him staring over my shoulder.  I figured his brother had arrived.  His brother stayed by the entrance, so Gameless walked over to him.  When he came back, I asked if his brother approved.  He joked that he sized me up, realized I was small, and had nothing to worry about.  Duh.  His brother remained in the restaurant but went off to a different area.  I never saw or met him, but it was weird knowing someone was there who could peek over at any time.  Felt like I was being graded or spied on.  It was especially nerve-wracking when I went on another bathroom run and I didn’t see, but knew someone could be watching me.  Very odd, but I’m a trooper.
     After I returned from my bathroom break, he asked if I wanted to go grab something to eat.  I was starving at this point and that sounded great.  Dave & Buster’s was getting a bit noisy, and we didn’t want to stay there to eat.  Since we drove separately, I asked if he wanted me to just follow him there.  He quickly took in the comfort level of the situation and asked if I wouldn’t mind driving, rather than me feeling unsafe in his car.  He was very considerate.  I agreed to drive.  He asked me to hold on as he walked off to the direction I was assuming was his brother’s.  When he returned…

Gameless Joe Jackson:  Ok.  Ready?
Zia:  Did “dad” say it was okay?
Gameless Joe Jackson:  (laughing)  Yeah.
Zia:  Did you get your allowance?
Gameless Joe Jackson:  (patting his wallet) Yup.  All set.


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  1. Mama J Said:

    Interesting about the medical weed. I would like to know who’s his licensed distributor and then who’s the licensed farmer? Really? Otherwise, sounds like he trusts you with this info and is wanting to move forward with something 🙂

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