The Wind Up

At the Start…continued…

     Our emails had ended on the topic of body piercings.  I don’t have any piercings other than my ears, but he apparently has removed quite a few.  So I chose his former nipple rings as my ice breaker.  I shot him a text, and our conversation began.  A few texts in he suggested we grab a drink some time and, yet again, insisted we had a lot in common.  I agreed to the drink and we planned on Friday afternoon.  He told me he would call/text me on Friday to confirm.  I liked that little touch, I don’t see it much.
     He informed me during our emailing stage that he’s pretty broke.  (This guy doesn’t have much in the way of “game.”)  He is ex-military and with the economy as bad as it is, decided to go back to school on the military dime.  Smart enough plan, and the lack of money wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.  Hey, I’m poor too, birds of a feather.  With this bit of knowledge, and me being hesitant anyway, I made sure I had some cash on me and planned on buying my own drink.
     Friday arrived. We were planning on meeting at 4:30pm.  Sure enough, a little before 3pm I got a text asking if we were still on.  I replied yes and that I’d see him there.
     Now, mind you, he only had one picture posted on his profile. He was wearing sunglasses and making a weird closed mouth smile.  Therefore, I had no clue who I was looking for and didn’t expect him to be all that attractive.  I arrived at Dave & Busters (planned meeting place) right on time and decided to send a text to tell him I was out front, leaving him to come find me.
     Within a minute a man in a ball cap walked up to me.  He pushed up the cap and introduced himself.  Let me say ladies…I was not let down.

         We went into the restaurant and sat at the bar.  We ordered a couple of beers and started out with some normal getting-to-know-you conversation, most of which was carry-over from our emails and texts.  He was a good emailer.  We can thank his natural curiosity for that.
     I could tell he was a bit nervous, but he was armed with questions and eventually relaxed a little.  I could also tell that I was answering the questions to his liking.  Being as it is awkward to sit side by side at a bar and try to get to know someone, we moved to a bar top, which was also a little further from the people starting to roll in.
     There was a lot of laughing and a lot of smiling on both parts.  Then, of course, in true Zia Zitella out-of-no-where fashion, a new conversation started…

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  1. Simm Said:

    Oh Oh Oh hurryy!!! I want to hear more, it’s the ice breaker!!!!

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