Prince Handsy (Part 2)

     My last post left off at my being jumped and tongued by Prince Handsy in the FedEx store.  After he purchased his new pens, and I subtly wiped the slobber off my chin, we left.  I was thrilled to be out of the fluorescent spotlight.

     We strolled up the sidewalk a bit, he kind of hugged me from behind as we walked, told me my hair smelled good and asked what shampoo I used.  Then, for no reason, decided it was time for another tongue-to-tongue massage.  I managed to cut it short since we were gathering an audience and I had already had my fill of PDA for about a year.

     We walked on a bit more, more hands rubbing up and down my sides as we walked, and eventually stopped near his car.  He opened his car door to drop his pens off.  After a bit of a debacle of him saying he’d drive me to my car (it was only down the street), and me saying no (since I feared he would conveniently make a wrong turn to his apartment) he agreed to walk me.  He closed the car door, pulled me in, and hugged me.  As he was holding me tight he said, “I needed this.”  And right then it hit me, “Oh God, he’s a cuddler.”

Zia side note:  I am not a cuddler.  I once dated a cuddler and I was so not used to it and he was so shy, that I think he interpreted that I wasn’t into him.  Not the case, but nothing I can do about it now.

     He was still holding me when he said that going to his apartment wasn’t about sex and that he just wanted to be close to me and yada, yada, yada.  I told him he was a sweet-talker.  He pulled back a little to look at me, cocked his head and said, “Why do you say I talk sweet?”  I tried not to smirk at how adorable that came out, and then told him most girls in LA (or anywhere for that matter) would eat that up.

     This led into a brief conversation where he said he can choose.  Like I said in yesterday’s post – he was better looking than his picture.  I knew exactly what he meant.  He then told me he’s only had three dates (I assumed he meant since starting online dating.) and how he lied to them.  I needed some clarity on that because he made it sound like he lied to them to get sex and then never called them again.  I’ve had a lot of weird/bad/ridiculous things said to me on dates so him owning up to that wouldn’t have surprised me much.  Instead he shocked me by saying that he told one girl that a friend was in the hospital and he had to go.  He saw her to her car and then went back into his apartment to study.  He was trying to make it very clear that he was choosing me.

     He went in for another kiss, and the thought slipping into my brain was, “When will this be over?”  Not a thought you should have while kissing a guy.  I peaked my eyes open and saw how genuinely into it he was, yet maintaining control of his southern region, which was good because he wasn’t doing much for my southern region.  My Sleepy was…well…still asleep. (If you don’t know what My Sleepy is, then you missed some reading and need to get on it, so click here.)  At this point I went into fix-it mode.  I tried turning my head at a different angle, moving my lips a different direction, tried to figure out why there were teeth in weird places.  In one of my head adjustments, he saw that as an opportunity to lick my face all the way to my ear.  Saliva-ed around there for a while nearly ingested my earring and then made his way back to my mouth.  Felt like saying, “You sucking on my earring does nothing for me.  Just FYI.”

     And at this time I’d like to again apologize to those who witnessed the drool-in-ear moment.  I assure you I disliked feeling it as much as you disliked seeing it, maybe more.

     Finally his tongue was all over my chin and I had had enough.  There was just no help for this guy – bad slobbery kisser.  I turned my head a bit to stop and then said, “You can’t do that.”  He asked if his lips were too big.  I figured I’d be nice and rather than saying your tongue is all over the place, I put the blame on me. “No, my mouth is small.  You were getting my chin.”  Hey, why not tell him (or hint to him) right?  If he’s been going around his whole life doing that, it’s no wonder he’s single.

     We started walking to my car.  When I started getting closer to my car I noticed I had a parking ticket on my windshield.  Dang nab-it!  I read the parking sign wrong and this just became a very expensive date for me.  Prince Handsy chimed in and said if you had parked at my apartment this wouldn’t have happened.  You’ve got to admire his persistence.

     I sat in my car.  He asked when he could see me again.  I told him to call.  He was standing blocking the door so I knew there would be a hug good-bye and, if I didn’t hurt his ego, he’d probably work in another kiss.  He leaned into my car, squeezed me tight, and sure enough went in for another kiss.  But wait a minute.  The tongue is where it’s supposed to be.  There is no slobber.  Oh my God, he listened and took direction.  Holy Crap!

     As he was about to pull away, I felt his hand going up and I knew he was going in for a boob graze.  Sure enough I felt full cuppage.  It was quick.  He then moved his hand down, pulled away, and gazed at my chest.  While still looking at my mangoes, he asked, “Are they real?”  (Dear God, why do these things happen to me?)

     “Yes, they’re real,” I responded.  And like a kid looking in a toy store window, he saw exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

     He pulled away and asked when he could see.  I told him we have more things to talk about before that happens.

When I got home I received a text: Why are you scared of me?

After I had a little chuckle to myself, I responded that I wasn’t scared, I just needed to get to know him better.  I left out that I have self-respect, will-power, and am looking for a real relationship not a one-night stand.  I have  gathered not many women, if any, say no to this man.  This seems to only be making him want me more.

To read Part 3 click here.



  1. Simmarah Said:

    Is he European? Sounds like this Hungarian guy I went out with… lol. Uhh, I’m definitely not into this one… He’s just so foreign?

  2. Katarina Said:

    Interesting Simmarah – I’ve had the same experience with guys born outside the U.S.

    @Zia – At least he’s upfront with what is on his mind, asking if they are real or not. He could’ve just poked around to find out. – Gotta give him points for being upfront and honest about what he’s thinking. Good luck!

  3. Man-shopper Said:

    Hah, I echo Simmarah’s question. This dude sounds like a textbook parisian assclown.

  4. Single Steve Said:

    Soooooo, will you be seeing boob grazer again?

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