Lookin’ Good

My sister’s wedding was one month ago.  Since I was burdening bridesmaid duties, I couldn’t really think in blog.  My mind was preoccupied with making bouquets, making a brown dress look good, and making time to swig down some Captain Morgan and ginger ale.  I enlisted Cousin Jo-Jo to write a post of what she observed during the Manhattan-wedding weekend. 

     With almost a year of marriage under my belt, I now feel like an expert on how it works.  And I am more than happy to explain how it works – it’s just as confusing as dating.  The only difference is now I have a permanent date to all family weddings.  The latest wedding brought Zia to us from all the way across the country and got me a front row seat to seeing her in action.  This is not something I have seen in a few years and I was eager to see how things were going with all of her new “training!”  Here is what I walked into – a typical family wedding with a not so typical family.  But, in true Italian style, they were hovering around Zia for two reasons – one because they haven’t seen her in a while and they needed to make sure each hair on her head is still there; and second, because they all needed to ask when her turn is.  When will Zia get married?  After a few drinks I even turned into one of them!  Maybe that’s what marriage does – makes you give crazy ultimatums about going home with random men to your cousin whom you want to see find that guy…or at least that “for tonight” guy!  My ultimatum was a bit cheeky.

     Here’s what I saw: a beautiful woman who is self-confident, funny and energetic, and men who seemed shocked by this phenomenon.  I get the whole “guys want to save the girl thing,” but honestly, in the world we live in we women have all saved ourselves.  We just want someone to come with us on the journey.  The men from the new side of the family seemed to love and enjoy Zia.  Although, dating wise, you could tell that they were not really into strong, confident women.  This is something I can’t figure out.  I don’t think this is anything any woman gets.

     Zia looked good.  She pulled off what could have been a very unflattering dress and made it look great.  The girls (mangoes as she calls them) were up and perky even in strapless dress.  And she was relaxed and happy despite all crazy wedding circumstances.   And yet nothing.  If a girl like Zia can’t make it happen, I’m not sure who can.  But alas, Zia and readers, there is someone out there for everyone.  Unfortunately, there are just lots of frogs to kiss on the way to that fairy tale ending.


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  1. Erica Said:

    kissing frogs sucks. thats all I have to say 😦

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