First off, I’d like to apologize for my unintentional month-long leave of absence.  I was crazy busy at the beginning of the month with a trip to Manhattan for my sister’s nuptials.  An eventful weekend of course, but I’ve enlisted Cousin Jo-Jo to write a guest post on the occasion.

     When I returned, my body finally surrendered to the cold I had been fighting off for about a week before the wedding.  And that, dear readers, is what has knocked me on my ass for the past two and a half weeks.  It has been slow going trying to recuperate.  I attempted to go to the doctor but the unhelpful receptionist made sure that didn’t happen.  I ended my phone conversation with, “Well, I hope I get better on my own then.”

     Since my cold has left me a snot-dripping-I-get-winded-just-scooping-out-the-litter-box disaster, my dating life has momentarily taken a back seat.  Unfortunately what has to take a bigger back seat is my “Great Date Contest.”  Aside from my cold, I have some unexppected traveling coming up that won’t allowing me to promote it the way I had wanted to.  I also have some family things coming up around the week I was planning for the “Great Date” to take place.  I am not canceling the contest, I am just postponing it.  For those who have submitted, I’ll keep those awesome ideas on file and contact you when the contest resumes to see if you’re still interested.  Meanwhile, those of you that haven’t submitted or know guys who should, this gives them more time to come up with one heck of an idea.

Happy Dating.


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  1. Simmarah Said:

    Yep I hear ya sister … I’ve been sick for the past week, it’s knocked me on my ass (QUITE LITERALLY as I fell down the stairs today going to the doctor).

    Blah for sickness and blah to dating.
    Hope you get better soon 🙂

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