Valentine Volunteering

     Saturday was the third annual Have a Heart for the Hungry Valentine’s Day Singles event at the LA Regional Foodbank hosted by  I had never been before and thought, what a great way to help those in need and get a little weekend flirting in.  So my wingwomen (Miss Independent, Buddha Babe, and Badger Gal) and I signed up and made our appearance.

     When we arrived, we signed in, handed over our paperwork, wrote our name tags, got our group stickers, and a raffle tickets.  If you brought canned goods to donate, you got extra raffle tickets.  Hey, we may have been helping the hungry, but it was still a singles event.  You’re at least able to walk out with some “prize,” whether it be man or material.  After that, we moved onto the waiting area until it was time to begin.  Perfect time to scope out the “scenery.”

     After a quick intro video, we were directed to our stations.  Buddha Babe, Vegetable section, was paired up with an adorable red-head.  May have been a bit young for her but he was fun to watch.  He was very interested in what she was saying, smiled, and chatted her up quite a bit.  Then a girl from the Beef & Chicken station started pulling him away.  She apparently prefered Red to the bald Lip Singer in her own group.  I don’t know why.  When the 80s & 90s music started playing, he knew every word to New Kids on the Block’s Step-byStep.  Sounds like a keeper to me.  Anyway, Beef & Chicken started talking to Red and kept talking…and talking…and talking.  Red did a lot of smiling and nodding then.

     Miss Independent, Fruit section, didn’t have any stunners in her group, which must have gotten her confused because she ended up leaving with a girl’s info.

     Badger Gal and I were in the Milk section and paired up with a couple of French guys.  They claimed to be brothers.  They looked nothing alike.  One was kind of cute, mildly hairy, and was almost completely inaudible.  The other, however much clearer speech, looked like the French Pee-Wee Herman.  They mostly spoke only to each other and in French the whole time.  Think the nature of the event was somewhere lost in translation.

     Since the packaging isn’t that speedy, it is a good set-up to mingle and chat with the others around you.  We had a short break in the middle and to wrap things up they did the raffle.  Buddha Babe and I walked off with a couple of $25 gift cards.  Made up for the lack of “Man-prize.”

     After the event, there was a food truck outside that was giving ten percent of their profits from that afternoon back to the Foodbank.  I think this is where the event dwindled.  Perfect opportunity to sit and chat with the people you met but I think, due to lack of advertising, bad truck placement, and lack of seating, people just left.  And when I say left – they bolted.  We sat around and ate lunch, but when you order your food next to a dumpster…mmm.  Might need to work on that for next time guys.

     Overall it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  So thank you LA Regional Foodbank and  I think this would be a useful and prosperous event in other cities across America.  And with the cute Valentine’s Day theme, it’s bound to attract attention and develop its own following.  You know, like Easter/Christmas Catholics.



  1. Katarina Said:

    Sounds like fun! Hopefully they get lots of good feedback and spread it to other cities!! 🙂

  2. Simmarah Said:

    I hope it spreads like a religion too. I think it would be quite fun to take part in something that put on!

    Glad you had an interesting time, lol. I loved the French guys, hehe.

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