What a Prize

     We all know I’ve had my share of bad dates, forgettable dates, and, of course, boring dates.  I have decided that this is going to be “The Year of Great Dates.”  I am only going to meet a guy if I am certain of his pizzazz factor first.  And as soon as I see a date headed for doom, I will do my best to salvage the remaining portion.  But online dating and “great dates” doesn’t really go in the same sentence for me. That self-help book project didn’t fair so well either.  What did work out for me was when I took the initiative to find a wingwoman.  What worked was Craigslist.  It would be harebrained to not venture back to Craigslist, don’t you think?  So for this year’s dating project…we have a contest.

     I, along with my newly formed Wingwoman Council, have created the “Great Date Contest.”  In short, men can submit amazing date ideas and win a date with me.  I know, awesome prize, right?  Over the next couple of months I will gather the submissions and have weekly Wingwoman Council meetings with my wingwomen.  During the quarterfinals, I will include you, the readers, to help me chose the winner.  You wouldn’t steer me wrong, would you?

     The only way this is really going to work is if my Craigslist posting gets out there and you email it to your friends and encourage your single guy friends to submit ideas.  And throughout the next couple months, I will post the ad in all major cities listed on Craigslist.  So here it is, my Craigslist posting (click below). 

Win a Date with…Me.  Shy 

     I toast to my ingenious creativity for this year’s mission, and a special thank you to the wingwomen who attended the inventive wine-induced think tank.



  1. Jamie Said:

    Great idea Zia, but…

    Are you planning to pay for plane fare/etc, since this is a contest? I mean, if they live in New York and win a date with you, then they have to pay for plane and hotel for either you or them? Or are you going to pay for everything? It isn’t covered in the ad, but it seemed like a really obvious consideration.

    • ziazitella Said:

      Yes, I have a plan for that too. (hee hee) Can’t go giving away all the details but, I’m going with the idea that location isn’t a problem. There was a very good reason for the think-tank and the decision to go with weekly Wingwoman Council meetings; this project is elaborate.
      But thanks for the note & I added a line in the ad.

  2. Simmarah Said:

    Oh my god girl, you’ve got balls!!!! (HAHA, funny as that was one of my blog post titles). I can’t wait to see this pan out!!!! Any candidates yet?

    • ziazitella Said:

      No canidates yet, but here’s to hoping I get a few nibbles.

  3. Katarina Said:

    Any nibbles yet?

    • ziazitella Said:

      Not a lick. But that’s okay, I still have many cities to conquer. Let’s face it, I’ve probably dated every single guy in LA. Need to broaden my search.

  4. Man-shopper Said:

    ooo this is going to be good. Epically good. I can’t wait!

  5. Ravi Said:

    I just thought of this but what happens if a woman submits a date idea??

    • ziazitella Said:

      Yes, I did think of that, which is why it’s listed “I’m a woman looking for a man.” But thanks for keeping an eye out for me…or maybe you were just hoping to stir the pot. 😉

      • Ravi Said:

        ahhh i see. well I just had to make sure !

      • ziazitella Said:

        I can always use extra eyes! And if you know of any willing participants…

  6. Ravi Said:

    I will try to think of anyone and point them here for sure!!

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