Cathy Says it Best

     The only thing I had decided on this morning were my shoes.  Did not have the energy for much else and was not inspired by anything in my closet.  I had twenty minutes before I was about to walk out of the house in a red and white polka dot bathrobe and brown leather heels.

     Without knowing what kind of morning I was having, I got an email from Sarcastic Bride that said she thought of me when she read this.  Creepy how well your friends are tuned into you.

     It’s like Cathy was talking right to me. 



  1. Man-shopper Said:

    Ha ha ha to the HA! Oh Cathy, she truly is a gem. I am still seething about my relationship with a tan suit from years and years ago. I will probably never get over that one.

  2. Hahaha
    Oh have I been there….

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