Pizzazz Questionnaire

     In my previous post, it was brought up in the comment section that in order to coax the pizzazz out of my dates I should have some form of questionnaire to guide them along. Here are a few questions I have come up with thus far whose answers will help me decide if I should stay or run for the hills.

1) Everyone states in their online dating profile that family is important to them.  Big whoop-tee-do.  I want to know how important to you.  What is your relationship like?

a) I lied. A one week visit with my family gives me constipation for a month.

b) We have a big family dinner every Sunday and I never miss it.

c) Even though they don’t live nearby, we talk often. I was the Man-of-Honor in my sister’s wedding.

d) My mom still wipes my ass.

2)  My cat is adorable and I’ve had her for ten years now.  Every morning she waits by the bathroom door for me after my shower and meows to let me know it is time for her morning hug.  Yes, she actually hugs.  Her little paws go around my neck or onto my shoulder and she squeezes.  Do you have a pet?  If not, are you opposed to them?  If so, what is your relationship with your pet?  Rate on a scale of 1-10.  1 being: I throw food down daily, but that’s about it. 10 being: I can’t make it though the night if my Great Dane, Molly, isn’t spooning me.

3) I have a love affair with chocolate and think it’s perfectly acceptable for an adult such as myself to still eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  If we were to go out to breakfast and I ordered these, what would your reaction be?

a) I’d turn up my nose and make a comment about your maturity level.

b) …(sound of chair pulling back)…swoosh…(date just left the building)…

c) I’d grab a fork and take you up on your offer to share.

d) I would create a to-die-for recipe involving Bailey’s Irish Cream in the batter and make you breakfast in bed instead.

4) On vacation I like to do some form of activities, like zip-lining or parasailing.  What exciting activity would you like to try?

a) Skydiving, paragliding, something along those lines.

b) Curling

c) When you vacation to a nudist colony, there’s really one activity that interests me.

d) Is coach potatoing an activity? 

5) Do you dance?  If not are you willing to learn?  If so, what style have you perfected?

a) Ballroom

b) The Chicken Dance

c) You can find me in the club, bottle full of Bud.

d) The only dance I’ve perfected is The Pee Pee.

Am I missing anything?  What would you ask?

Now the only question is whether or not it is acceptable for me to show up on a date with a clipboard.



  1. Mama J Said:

    I would say that No. 4 and No. 5 could be pizazzable questions, but the rest are more general survey questions. You should add other scenario questions that are open ended, such as “If you could go anywhere in the world with me, where would we go?” And “What is your ideal end of the long day routine?” And “What makes you laugh so hard that it hurts?” But again I don’t know how you can find pizazz by just asking questions. I think you should try an unroutine date. Forget the meet for coffee humdrum date and meet for an adventure first. You can really bond with someone and see their true colors when you go on an adventure!

    • ziazitella Said:

      The mission is to coax out the pizzazz, not for the questions themselves to be “pizzazzable” per say. An adventure date would be great, but those never come my way, and I’m working on a future project for that. Until then I have to find the wow factor in the humdrum.
      Opened questions, yes, great for interviewing – terrible for dating. People draw a blank and end up saying nothing. If I give them multiple choice, it’ll take off some of the pressure. Aren’t you the one telling me that “they’re probably nervous,” all the time? 😛 I’m trying to make it easier on them.
      I thought out each multiple choice answer carefully, so that each one will help me learn more about them and their pizzazz. Let’s take question 1 for example:
      a) Tells me that there may be some deep issues there. – Could look into
      b) He’s traditional. Kinda sweet. – Keepable
      c) Probably good lines of communication here. – Keepable
      d) Mama’s boy. – Run!

  2. Jodeezy Said:

    I think you need questions like, If Webster’s called you and said you get to make up the next word that will be put into the dictionary what would the word be and what would it mean….

    • ziazitella Said:

      Yes! That’s great. These were just my first five to get the ball rolling. I feel I need about 20 for a good survey.

  3. Erica Said:

    im all for bringing a clip board and asking questions on a date. lol trying to remember said answers would be way to hard.

  4. Ken Said:

    This is the question I keep hoping women will ask me:

    “Can I sit on your face?”

    My response would be a hearty, “Yes. Yes, you can.”

    But… they don’t ask that much these days.

    So, anyway. Great post. I love you.

    • ziazitella Said:

      My questionnaire is more to get the ball rolling on the first date. You’re question is extremely important too. However, that would go on a questionnaire down the road. You know, when deciding if this relationship is going for the long haul.

  5. Kelly Said:

    Hmmm…I HOPE that whoever you date would accept that you order chocolate chip pancakes. Who are these guys?? Of course, I’d be a little scared about the cat thing…

    I would ask…do you get most nervous about:
    a. a date
    b. job interview
    c. giving a presentation to your boss
    d. approaching a girl at a bar

    Many guys are either too cocky or too insecure. If they say none of them, you know who you’re dealing with…

  6. Man-shopper Said:

    You have the start to an excellent pizzazz questionnaire! Let me know if you ever perfect a comprehensive one, I’ll need to use it myself. I tried to come up with some questions on my own, and I got nothing. NADA. I may not have the pizzazz to suss out pizzazz! Or maybe I’ve just had too much coffee.

  7. nikki04 Said:

    …. chocolate chip pancakes.

    When you find the man who makes them with Bailey’s, please have him post the recipe k thanks.

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  10. […] We chatted.  Not much to chat about though because he wasn’t much of an emailer, so I didn’t know much about him leaving me with no pizzazzy conversation starters.  He stuck to the boring generic, “what do you do?” “Where are you from?” questions.  Had I not been running late I could have printed off my Pizzazz Questionnaire. […]

  11. Bella Swenson Said:

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