Second Time Around…Maybe

     What if I have dated so many guys that I surpassed the one I was supposed to stop on?

     Had a dream the other night that the powers that be are now playing a cruel joke and tossing circus freaks in my direction.  Am I to spend every New Year’s alone because Mr. Perfect-For-Me got lost in the shuffle?

     Earlier this week a used-to-be contacted me out of the blue.  Got me thinking that, well, people get nervous and either tongue-tied or say stupid things on a first date/meet, and maybe he deserves a second chance.  I took this as a sign.  Either the powers that be are dangling Mr. Perfect-For-Me in front of my face or they are recycling a circus freak.

     We are supposed to go out this weekend.  I’ll get a chance to test out my theory.  But first…

Click a name for a quick refresher if you need it: Facebook Guy, Thumber, Private Dick, Sugardaddy



  1. Kate Said:

    I tend to think the one you are supposed to find will turn up when he is good and ready!

    Kate xx

    • ziazitella Said:

      Yeah, that’s the thought process I’ve been working with but haven’t had much success. Soooo, thought I’d try this on for size.

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