Breaking Free

     I mentioned before about Deadly Dating Patterns.  I have reached a point in the book where it assists you on how to break free of those patterns.  And let me say, it could not have come at a better time. After a long string of bad dates, I’m ready to throw in the towel and hibernate.  For fear that Dr. D will jump from the pages and slap me silly if I do, I decided to soldier on.

     I fall into the Hermit and Just Buddies Deadly Dating Patterns.  The reasons Dr. D gives for being a Hermit don’t really apply to me all that well.  I’m not extremely shy or recovering from a divorce or bad relationship.  Simply put, I just like vegging.  Now, vegging is not so beneficial in meeting men.  She recommends that we enroll in some kind of class or group activity to get us out of our shell, so-to-speak.  I signed up for an introduction to guitar class.

     Yesterday was our first class.  I figured in a class of twenty to twenty-five people there were bound to be some men in there.  As it turned out, I guessed right.  Downside, once you factor out all the old married beer bellies that leaves just three guys.

1) Head-of-the-Class – He took a seat front and center and sat at full attention for the two-hour span we were there.

2) Anorexic Asian – He makes the normal skinny Asian look beefy.

3) Dusty – Dude bought his guitar five years ago and then stuck it in a closet.

     After weighing my options, I have got my eye on Dusty with his metallic red guitar.  With a guitar that snazzy, I’m hoping his personality has some pizzazz to match.  He may be a bit young for me but I’m 99% sure he is legal so all is good.

     My Just Buddies Deadly Dating Pattern comes in handy at first because I have no trouble talking to guys.  But to break from this pattern I have got to make sure I wear make-up to class and try not to dress like I’m ready to join a pick-up soccer game.  

     How graceful do you think I would look playing guitar in a sundress?  Yeah, I’m not so sure about that either.  Thankfully I have until next Saturday to figure out wardrobe options. 



  1. Jo-Jo Said:

    My vote is for tight jeans and a top that shows off the mangoes! If you got it flaunt and you got it!! 🙂 Happy strumming!

  2. Caleb Said:

    Chick with a guitar and mangos playing gee-tar?

    You bet.

    I’d want to go “help her out” (of her dress…er, sorry) and teach a few lessons.

    Plus, guitar is awesome. I majored in jazz trumpet, but guitar playing has become my norm. Study hard!


  3. Mama J Said:

    I agree with Jo-Jo – use those mangoes to snag Dusty. Boys like boobs and if they don’t they’re into another type of fruit.

  4. Man-shopper Said:

    Aw man, Anorexic Asian.

    And I agree with Caleb there about your outfit. I don’t know much about guitar playing, but I’m imagining a strumming position in which boobs are resting on the guitar for all to see! I’m jealous, as I don’t have enough boobage to rest on top of anything, so work it, Z!

    • ziazitella Said:

      It’s more like one’s on top and one’s a little off to the side. You should see the trouble I’m having with my golf swing.

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