What a Dish

     One of the tricks of the trade Dr. D shares is to keep changing bits and pieces of your online dating profile to keep it fresh and on the “new” list.  One of her suggestions is to have two of your best friends write up one paragraph describing you.  Then you use it to help you write your profile.  I asked my two besties and this is what I got:

Words from the lovely Mama J:

My best friend is witty, trustworthy and confident.  She provides a fresh, unique perspective on the everyday things.  I find her honest, energetic and full of random, but substantial ideas.  I know I can rely on her for anything, no matter whether it’s to talk about my day, a dream I want to share or needing help with a project.  If I find myself sad or depressed, I can always count on her to cheer me up with her amusing slice of life.  She can be a tomboy, but willing to dress up for the right occasion.  Location is no obstacle for our friendship because we always pick up right where we left off.  I know that she is only a phone call or text message away.  I love her like a sister!

Words from the dazzling Suzy Q:

There are words to describe some people and for others, there are not enough wonderful words and one must just experience being in their presence.  My friend, Zia Zitella, is one of those people. I could tell you that she is an amazing cook (and she is!), but really, what does that say about her?  She is a whiz in the kitchen, but that doesn’t describe how the taste of the food is enhanced by the great conversation and laughter that accompanies the delectable dish she has created (and trust me, I’ve never had anything that she’s made that I haven’t LOVED).  To tell you that she is a wonderful cook is just the tip of the iceberg.  She is youthful in her looks and spirit, and yet beyond her years in wisdom.  She is fun and always up for an adventure.  Want a traveling buddy?  She’s the one you call!  While there for the fun times, she is also there when advice is needed or an ear is needed for listening.  She is an every woman – comfortable in tennis shoes or heels, on a hike,  at a theater production, or watching the game – she’s living life to the fullest and anyone who gets to share anytime with her is a lucky one indeed.

     I don’t know.  What do your friends say about you?  After reading this, I’d do me.



  1. Caleb Said:

    “after reading this, I’d do me.”

    Your best stuff yet.

    Well played, Sensitive Suzy.

    Er, I mean, Zia.

    My bad.


  2. Guinevere Said:

    WOW! You have wonderful friends, they say such nice things about you 🙂

  3. Suzy Q Said:

    I could have gone on and on and on. Anybody want to know anything about Zia? It was hard to keep it to just one paragraph but I figure if I can do one paragraph at a time, that should help keep zia’s profile current! Anyone see a direction I should go in for the next paragraph?

    • ziazitella Said:

      Oh yes, feel free to go on. Those two paragraphs were such good self-esteem boosters. I think I’ll perscribe that therapy to anyone feeling down.

  4. […] 8, 2010 @ 12:26 pm } · { Uncategorized } { Tags: Bride, weddings, wingwoman }      Mama J has always been supportive of me finding someone and, as a good friend, wants to help.  Pair her […]

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