To attack those three hellos I needed to say to three new guys I decided to do the Santa Monica stairs on Sunday morning.  Talk about a backfire – two reasons:

1)  Ninety percent of the people were female.  The majority of males that were there were with females.

2)  Going up and down stairs and trying to make eye-contact – Bad Idea.  Nearly lost my footing ten times.  I’m sure a face plant would have left a great impression.  Although, I am supposed to be asking for help.  Hmm . . . so maybe if I ate-it, I could have looked up with a bloody toothless grin and grabbed whatever poor soul’s hand that offered help.  Ah, can’t dwell on the missed opportunity.

     The only hello I did get out was to a little old lady with rocks in her hands.

     My first week is down and I’m having a little trouble with one homework assignment that maybe you could help me with.  I need to sign up for two ongoing classes/activities that have a high percentage of men in them.  I thought of dusting off the old guitar case but the classes near me are all booked.  I also thought about taking golf lessons but that class is only five weeks.

     I open the floor to you, any ideas or suggestions?



  1. Fishy Said:

    I did an evening class in comedy writing and it was largely men. I did Spanish (for three weeks) and that was 60 per cent women. I would suggest maybe photography, or a book club (though the men might be a little too old).
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater – One Man’s Dating Diary*

    • ziazitella Said:

      I was thinking about a writing or language. My fear was that the language class would be mostly women.

  2. Scotty Said:

    Do you have anything like _http://www.govavi.com/ up there? I have found that its a lot of fun, and get to meet lots of people.

    • ziazitella Said:

      Just searched it. Looks like we do. Thanks, I’ll have to scope it out.

  3. Katarina Said:

    What about a group that goes hiking or camping? Maybe try taking pool lessons?

  4. Jennifer Said:

    Try going to the Apple Store – meet high-tech men!

  5. Kelly Said:

    You should definitely take up mountain biking or just cycling—TONS of really hot guys. And athletic. If you’re not into that, try hiking Topanga Canyon. Again, hot backpackers.

    • ziazitella Said:

      I’d do the biking but I fear I have a sensitive tush & would have tender-ass-syndrome for weeks. I do hike, so I’ll give Topanga a try. Ya know, been in LA over 4 years now & never been there.

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