Calling it Quits

     One great date, does not a relationship make.  Almost two weeks after our initial date (I’m a Long Way from Being a Sugar Baby) , I feel Sugardaddy is no more.  First off, he waited four days to call after the date.  It was a short call telling me he was unexpectedly going out-of-town for work for about two weeks.  I did learn on our date that he has a government job and does a lot of traveling.  (My best friend is convinced he’s a spy for the CIA.)  Anyhow, he said he’d call me the following day and never did.  Knowing how last-minute traveling can be, I didn’t hold that against him and shot him a text the following day to see how the things went.  Short response text back about missing luggage.

     The week went by and no word.  (Best friend believed he was in a tree staking out his next assignment.)  So, on that Friday I just sent a casual text inquiring if his week went better than his Sunday had.  Luggage didn’t arrive for four days, things were busy, and he was out for a drink.  (Guess he’s out of the tree.)  We had a little short text banter and then that was it.  The weekend went by, no word.  All last week, no word.  I had received some other Sugardaddy emails, that as usual, I couldn’t read, and saw that he hadn’t checked his profile in over a week, so I knew he wasn’t blowing me off for someone else.  Either that or the tree didn’t get reception.  He should have been back this weekend, and yet, no word.  But he did manage to check his Sugardaddy profile.

      So, such is life.  I think what annoyed me the most is that after being on so many first dates with guys and hearing the blasé, “Let’s meet up again,” his sincerity and interest was refreshing.  And how odd do you find it that I could text him and he’d respond, but yet he could not take the initiative or find the time to contact me first?  Come on, how long does it take to shoot a short text?  Fifteen seconds?  (Best friend now convinced he’s an assassin and was cleaning up his mess.)  If he really wanted to see me again, a little interest would have been nice.  (Well, his interest may not have worked out for his target’s sake.)

     Sadly, he’s not the only one I’m calling it quits on…



  1. Fishy Said:

    Don’t you want to perservere just to find out whether he IS an assassin? Just a little bit…? Nice post.
    Read about my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater

  2. Katarina Said:

    I’m proud of you for moving on and not waiting – if he comes back around, great, if not, oh well. At least you know he’s not dead – he checked his sugardaddy profile. You know, probably time to delete that profile – either he’ll chase you or he won’t – guys love the chase, so we’ll see what kind of man he is. 😉

  3. PinayBeauty Said:

    Remind yourself that somebody who truly cared for you would not have done such things. Moving on is not easy but it can be done 🙂

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