When I started with this experiment to see if people could actually meet “the one” through online dating I had my doubts.  And my doubts, for now, have proven correct.  All the hustle and bustle of last week has passed, and I’m just down to one that I have yet to meet.  Here’s how the now calm, came about:

The Saturday night date guy knew about the blog.  I make it a point not to tell guys about it, but he made a comment about me having a lot of stories and I said, “Boy, do I.”  I went in with the mentality that we’d just be friends.  Honestly, I didn’t think he’d even want to meet me after hearing about and reading some of my posts.  He did confess that he didn’t read too much because he didn’t want to get discouraged.  Hey, can’t avoid the inevitable.

Directionless Dude had tried to meet up with me for months.  He also knows about the blog, therefore friend.  We still keep in touch and it’ll probably be another few months until we meet up again.

Paranoid was not in any way physically attractive to me.  He’s cute in a if-tinkerbell-was-a-guy kind of way.  Cool dude and wouldn’t be opposed to hanging out with him again, but again, friend.

The Preacher is a complete tool and I haven’t responded to his last two texts.  The gem today was, “Remember I am ur wireless, home security, satellite tv, home phone service & video phone broker I have discounts for everything please let me know!” – WTF is that?  I have an image that if I ever met him, he’d pull up in a 18-wheeler and try to sell me whatever was in the back and swear it was legit.

 Last on the list is Facebook guy and he’s fled the country.  Leave it to me to find someone who works in exports and ups and leaves at a moments notice.  He socially works at a snail’s pace and now put time zones and continents between us, we’re never going to meet.  And for those of you asking why I don’t initiate a meet – I’m done with that.  I have found that even though guys say they don’t mind women making the first move, they do.  Each guy that I contacted first or asked to meet up with, never worked out well.  All the guys that have contacted me first are the one’s I’ve had better luck with.

          Of course, according to OkCupid, that’s not my problem at all.  As stated in a very informative and detailed email from the OkCupid company, my problem lies in location.  After receiving maps of the US (and the world) I have found that I need to head to Virginia or North Dakota if I want to find love.  I’ve been to North Dakota, it’s flat with a lot of grass, the only thing I’ll find to hug over there will be a tree.

          As for the world, well sorry Brits, it appears that you hate me.  But you don’t hate me as much as Pakistan.  I’m probably a little too “outspoken” for their liking.  Nope for me, love can be found in Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Slovakia, and the bread-winner, Israel.  Evidently, for me to find love I need distance and a language barrier.


  1. Jimmy Said:

    I’ve always pictured you with a slightly camp Slovakian, actually…nice post Zia.

  2. Kate Said:

    Well I guess no one can say that you didn’t give it a try!

    Kate x

  3. Kate Said:

    Hmmmm maybe it was just the men you were meeting. Have you tried a different site? I read that there are big differences in the people on everyone.

    Good luck

    Kate xx

    • ziazitella Said:

      I did try a few others, but not much luck on those either.

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