Keeping Up With the Joneses

           Busy week.  I was amazed at how much free time I had, now that my profile was down.  Opening up my inbox and only seeing the number 3 was shocking, at first, and then refreshing.  As it seems, I was quite popular in the online dating world and didn’t realize how much time I was spending responding to emails.  In the real-life dating world that’s another story.  However, this week I was bizarrely popular.  I had three dates this week with three different men.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

           Saturday – date – drinks with tall thin white guy.  Sunday – emails – last minute responses before pulling plentyoffish profile.  Sunday night – text – guy lives four hours away.  Chance of actual meeting, slim to none.  Monday – emails – set date with next guy.  Send phone number to Facebook guy.  Monday night – text – typical how was your day text from four hours away guy.  Truthfully my day kinda sucked, but I just said it wasn’t great.  Asked how his was.  Supposedly his days are all good, claims he’s lucky.  Yes, you are, I responded.  You’re full of shit, I thought.  Got a power-through-the-rough-times and have a can-do attitude response text.  Four hours away guy has now become “The Preacher.”

          Tuesday – texts – to and from The Preacher and Facebook guy.  Tuesday evening – date – tall thin white guy.  Tuesday night – text – Received while at dinner from Paranoid guy who thought I couldn’t take his sarcasm and that’s why he couldn’t see my profile anymore.  Reminded him that I told him I was pulling my profile.  He didn’t think I’d actually do it.  Humph, well, I’m a woman of my word.  Also got text from Tuesday night date guy who apparently gets lost easily, Directionless Dude.  After getting lost in the parking garage looking for his car, he was thrilled with himself that he found the highway.

           Wednesday – text – midday inspiration from The Preacher.  Wednesday evening – voicemail – responded with an email.  Got a response email.   Directionless Dude wants to meet up again.  Wednesday night – phone calls – Paranoid called to set time to meet.  Facebook guy calls.  He finally has a voice, sounded very sweet and soft-spoken.  Definitely something new to me.  Wednesday bedtime – dizzy – managed to keep all names straight though.

           Thursday – text – The Preacher sends, “Today the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears.” -Brian Tracy.  Swell, thanks for the…well, nothing.  Thursday evening – date – Paranoid, short thin black guy.   Thursday night – text – Directionless Dude wanting me to pencil him in.

           Friday – in check – in no way am I getting a big head about all this attention.  On my early morning run I was going up a sidewalk and saw a small animal hobbling away in a nearby driveway.  As I approached the driveway, under the sound of my music I heard a slight “hssss.”  Turned my head to find a black ‘n’ white tail up and two furry butt cheeks at full attention spraying away.  I’ve never sprinted away from an animal so fast in my life.  Obviously, I am not adored and wanted by all. 



  1. Jimmy Said:

    Well overall I’m confused…so many men. Not sure how you can do this. Oh, and Preacher Boy sounds like a complete cock in this post. Ditch him.

  2. Kate Said:

    Oh my word! So may men so little time! How do you remember what you’ve said to each one? I think it would make me have a nervous breakdown trying to juggle them all!!

    • ziazitella Said:

      Believe it or not I actually have some notes scribbled on some scrap paper. However, that doesn’t really help w/ remembering the conversations. 😛

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