Last Men Standing

          No point faulting the men who came in late to the game.  Like I said before, I had a small surge of contacts the week of New Year’s.  At the time it would have been too soon to lock them into that NYE slot but no reason I couldn’t find out more about them.  Right? 

          In the weeks leading up to New Year’s I had an array of flakes.  Sadly, it wasn’t snow.  Hopefully, my shoveling is behind me and I can move forward with a clean start in the New Year.

          As of last night I officially pulled my POF file.  I am done with that mess.  And frankly, I’m exhausted.  I was on the phone with a friend and tried to do a tally of all the dates and phone calls I’ve had over the past few months- realized I didn’t have a clue.  Unimportant.  What is important is that I follow through with what I set out to do.  Find someone before New Year’s.

          Although my profile is gone, the newest men aren’t.  Having been in touch with them before New Year’s I figure technically they’re still game.  Now I just have to keep them straight.  Back to my post-it with clues.  I had one date over the weekend.  I’ve got 2 dates this week, 2 others I email, 2 texters, and a 1 facebooker.  That should keep me busy.  Well, for a little while anyway.



  1. Jimmy Said:

    Good luck…can’t wait to follow your 2010 adventures. PS let’s have a race for love….

    • ziazitella Said:

      Sadly, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a head start. You meet people in person. Easier to get a leg up – pun intended 😛
      But you’re on.

      • Katarina Said:

        Oh my, this should be fun to watch! 🙂

  2. Erica Said:

    aww well sounds like some interesting reads to come.
    I’m not on the site as much anymore because I’ve been spending time with an ex recently so hopefully good things happen to both of us in 2010

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