Crying Wolf

          Eek, three days to go and not much to show.  I have a few prospects sitting on back burners.  And the only reason they’re on back burners is because they put themselves there.  I am really getting sick of this boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome that is going around.  If you say you’re going to call – CALL.  It’s not like we’ve ever met before or you’re rejecting me to my face.  If you decide I’m not for you, don’t email me back.  If you have no intention of calling don’t say you will.  In the words of my mother, “either shit or get off the pot.”

          On the stove we have: chatter box latin boy who within the first minute on the phone asked, “So, you don’t have any babies?”  Then we have a nice boring guy who called once, he talked I listened.  I was tired so I wasn’t sure if it was my sleepiness or if he really was that dull.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll answer the phone if he calls again.  I have another guy who was looking for a Christmas “cuddle buddy” as he put it.  That line didn’t really work for me, but once I got him to chat via email, found out he’s not so bad.  Then of course we have a slew of cheap-ass sugardaddies who won’t upgrade their memberships so I can read their emails.   

          It being the beginning of the week I did have some new options, but nothing really striking my fancy.  So, I’ll keep trucking along as I have been.  I’ll make plans for New Year’s and if someone fits in great.  If not, no big loss.  Not like I’ll be losing sleep or crying over any of those pot-sitters.  No need to let their social constipation get me down.



  1. Jimmy Said:

    Keep your chin up Zia. What happens with the blog when. sorry
    IF you don’t find a date by 2010?

    • ziazitella Said:

      I’ve been wondering about that myself. Not sure yet. Any ideas?

  2. Jimmy Said:

    Move to England, we love an accent over here…

  3. Green Jen Said:

    Just change it to THE Countdown to a Good Man or Love Bites or Spinster Avoidance…haha!

  4. […] right.  He called once during the week just to chat.  Didn’t ask bizarre questions like, “So, do you have any babies?”  Sent a couple of texts throughout the week, none of which were at 11:30pm asking if I wanted […]

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