Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

          Not a very exciting weekend.  But what was less satisfying was the complete fizzle of all the potentials from last week.  With Sunday being the day most people realize they’re alone, Sunday night and Monday morning bring in lots of emails.  You spend the week emailing, possibly calling and getting to know each other.  By the end of the week you are either making plans to meet or have called it quits.

          Last week was a week of quitters.  After I narrowed it down to the three bachelors, the rest of the week turned out to be a dud. 

Bachelor #1 took a while to read the last email I sent.  But like I said he was a one-two liner email guy.  My last email had three sentences.  My bad, I pushed him beyond his reading limit and I lost him in all the words.  Bummer, he was kinda cute.

Bachelor #2 hasn’t even read the last email I sent.  Yes, as many of you fellow plentyoffisher’s know, you can see when they read your email.  However, I did say he had a slow pace.  I just didn’t know I could fit in a bout with coma.

And Bachelor #3 wanted my number so we could go “old school” and get to know each other over the phone, and he never called.  Not a big loss here either, he was only for my amusement after all.

          But, lucky me, it’s Monday.  I get to dust myself off and go through the whole process again.



  1. Jimmy Said:

    I so feel your pain. Such a drag. Never understand the taking two days to reply crap. I’m busy and manage to reply the same day, why don’t you. Either reply in a timely fashion, or do one – that’s my new policy. Unless they’re fit.

  2. Jen Said:

    Boo on those boys! Glad you aren’t completely heartbroken! I have to be honest, although you can’t really get to know a person based on their email – you almost have to in this case to get to the next step. 🙂

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