Measuring Up

          I have a guy waiting in the wings that I’ve been attempting to meet up with but the scheduling just hasn’t work out yet.  This has now given my mind time to wander and question how factual his profile actually is.  For instance, it says he’s Asian and 5′ 10″.  Well, that translates to 5′ 8″, if that.  Now boys, before you get your boxers in a bunch, allow me to elaborate why this is an issue.

          I met a guy about a month ago.  To this day, I don’t even really know why, probably boredom.  I was in no way interested.  He was an Australian doctor.  His profile said he was 5′ 7″.  Personally that is waaaaay too short for my taste, but like I said, probably boredom.  Or as my friends like to say, “giving the little guy a chance.”

          We arranged to meet.  He was over an hour late.  The only reasons why I stayed were one, he’s not from here and didn’t really know where he was going and two, I was catching up on some long distance phone calls and lost track of time.   When I realized how much time had past I was pretty ticked.  I knew he didn’t leave when he said he was going to and that screamed to me – maintenance.  I don’t do metrosexual.

          During one of my phone calls I told my friend that he said he was 5′ 7″.  She asked if I had intentionally worn heels and I told her I wasn’t.  I had a very strong feeling that I was going to be able to see over his head in my Old Navy flip flops. 

          He finally arrived and sure enough, clear view to Kansas.  The guy was probably 5′ 4″ on a good day.

          Here’s just a general note guys, if you’re on the shorter side and you list 5′ 7″ and you’re meeting a woman who lists 5′ 6″, take her word on it.  If you’re only dreaming you’re 5′ 7″ and turn out to be pushing 3 inches, she’ll notice.  If anything, she may only be 5′ 5 1/2″, but she’s probably pretty close to what she listed.  Guys who are 5′ 8″ – 5′ 9″ and list 5′ 10″ – 5′ 11″ and expect to take me to dinner when I’m wearing heels…let’s do the math 5′ 6″ + 3″ heels = 5′ 9″.  I’m not overweight and I’m not a petite barbie doll, I’m more on the sporty side and I don’t ever want to feel like I can beat you at arm wrestling or knock you out with a sneeze.

          What all this is saying:  You feel that your small size doesn’t match your big personality.  You’re insecure and noticeably uncomfortable with yourself.

          Women want a man who’s confident.  Embrace the small package you’ve been wrapped in and own it.



  1. Jimmy Said:

    Great post. I have to admit I lie about height on my online dating profile. I am 5’8 but claim 5’9…would a girl be in her rights to simply walk off?

    • ziazitella Said:

      Not if she’s only 5’3″ – she probably wouldn’t notice.

      • Jimmy Said:

        Okay, most of my GFs have been that at most…now I know why.

  2. Lily Said:

    Jimmy – it could get you in trouble if she’s 5’7″ or taller – she’ll know you’re lying. Why lie? You’d be better off putting 5’8″ and wearing big shoes. 🙂

    • Jimmy Said:

      They won’t date me if I’m 5’8….

      • Katarina Said:

        Hi Jimmy,

        That is so sad!! I’m new to this blog and yours (I have some catch up reading to do). I can’t believe an inch makes such a difference, but then again, I don’t have a height requirement when considering a date ;). But if it takes putting 5’9″ for them to give you a chance and to discover your charming self, then I say go for it. 🙂 But as Lily stated before, if she’s on the taller side, big shoes would be a good idea for the first date 🙂

  3. Jimmy Said:

    Ah, well I always tell a date they must not wear heals. Ha…no wonder my love life is a train wreck!

    • Katarina Said:

      Hmmm – how do you get around that one – you shouldn’t show insecurity about your height – let them wear heals – they’ll be the same heighth as you sitting down. I know you’re probably just kidding, but still…. 🙂 If you’re not inscure with your appearance, she won’t be insecure with hers (LOL – well, that’s the hope anyways). Also, while we fix ziazitella’s love life, we’ll fix your train wreck – there is no need for it to be a train wreck – you’re smart, funny, and not really all that short compared to the average woman. You must be one of those guys attracted to women who only want to date taller guys – the ones that you think are playing hard to get, but really aren’t, they’re just not into you for whatever shallow reason.

  4. Man-shopper Said:

    HAHAHA “clear view to Kansas”

    I hadn’t read this post before, thanks for sending me the link! You really hit the nail on the head. There is an inordinate amount of lying on online dating websites. I expect a little truth-stretching, but I don’t understand how guys think that they can lie about something like their height and get away with it. Do they not think through what will happen when we meet them??

    You know what’s sad? I’m 5″3′ on a good day, and the short-guy problem has arisen more times than I can count here in Paris. Just… sad.

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