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New Guy, Old Guy

          On Saturday, I met up with a new guy.  Before meeting we had chatted on the phone a few times and I found him very easy to get along with.  It was comfortable but this comfort had already put him into “friend” category.
          When we met up, I noticed right away how he didn’t look much like his picture.  Guys, what did I tell you about this?  Had we not been on the phone talking to each other I would’ve walked right past him.  In his pictures he looked more “tough guy” when in reality he was a more of a “sleepy Urkel.”
          We walked & talked and sat & chatted for over an hour.  On a couple of occasions we finished each other’s sentences which kind of wigged me out a bit, but still very comfortable.  I felt that if we had mutual friends we’d be hanging out at a BBQ together.
          At the end we shook hands and he said he’d call me later and I believe he will.  He didn’t call the next day and he won’t do the 3-day wait thing.  He’ll probably call later in the week whenever it fits into his schedule and I’m good with that.  Just a vibe I got.  He’s a chill, laid back guy that I’m glad I met.  No sparks flying but I’ll keep him in the New Year’s mix.  I have no problem with my date being just a friend.  Basically, I just don’t want to ring in the New Year with a douche bag.  Would you?

          On a more entertaining note, I need to work on my duck’n’run technique a bit.  A while back I had gone on a date with a guy who spilled a drink on me, walked with a pole up his ass, was incredibly dull and talked about his ex-girlfriend for half the night.  I found it amusing that he emailed me the next day to tell me there was no connection.  Reeeeally?  Shocking.
          Anyway, yesterday I was walking to the store on my lunch break and notice a tall dark figure walking in my direction.  As soon as I noticed the pole up the ass strut it was an “ah, shit,” moment.  I put my head down but briefly made eye contact and prayed he didn’t recognize me.  Note to self: don’t go on dates with guys that live a few blocks away from the office.