The Drought

            As with dating in “normal” life, online life can also have dry spells.  In my “normal” life I’m the freakin’ Sahara.  My online dry spells don’t usually last as long.  I’m kind of in the midst of one right now though.

          An online dry spell is when you’re not receiving any emails and you’re not seeing anyone worthy of contacting yourself.  After a while I feel like I’m looking at the same people over and over again.  And not wanting to be like the yutz who introduced himself to me twice, I’m very cautious of not contacting anyone out of desperation or a need for attention.  My self-confidence is well in tack.  Patience is key.

          Usually to shake things up I’ll tweak my search a bit; expand the area, look for a little shorter, younger.  The other day I searched based on personality.  A page full of guys popped up, some I’ve already talked to and some I just wasn’t interested in.  But wouldn’t you know, there it was clear as day, a guy I matched with with a 100% rating.  Tall, good-looking, and damn it to Hell, I’ve already met him!  He was a cool guy and and probably the best first meet I’ve had from this.  His downfall…looking for people just to “hangout” with.  Not that that’s a big deal but it makes him kind of flaky on the follow-up contacts.

          At the end of our meet he wanted to get together again and I said sure since I had a good time.  He even suggested what we’d do next.  Then when we got in touch again he basically wanted me to do all the planning.  Sorry dude, but if you ask me to meet up again don’t expect me to do all the scheduling and planning.  I’m not an event planner and you’re just showing how lazy you’d be in a relationship – friendship or whatever.  100% compatable personality rating my ass.

          I like my men to come to me walking, talking, and potty trained.  I feel no need to change a man or make him into something he’s not just to suit me.  Sounds like a lot of work and I’m busy.  If this means I have to stay in a drought a little longer, so be it.

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