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Game Play

          I love when people say, “I’m looking for a drama-free relationship.”  Who the hell is looking for a drama-filled one?  I figure those are the cuks who are drama magnets, and maybe cause a few colorful moments themselves.  And for that matter, can’t you combine drama with games?  People always talk about mind games, but that 3 day phone call bullshit is a game too.  I think that wait-3-days-to-call-after-a-date rule is ridiculous.  After 3 days I’m done with you.  I’ve moved on, your loss.

          If you like someone suck it up and call them.  Heck, if you met online you can probably just send an email as a follow-up if you’re too chicken shit to call.  Leave the ball in their court to email/call back saying, “I had a good time too.  Let’s do it again.”  However, this, let’s do it again, could be taken care of on the date, but that’s a whole other can of worms that I’ll open another time.

          Basically, the only game you should be playing is the numbers game.  The more people you contact, the more chances you have of meeting someone.  How badly can it hurt your ego if someone doesn’t respond to your email?  It’s not like getting a dirty look or the cold shoulder out at a bar or club.

          I sometimes contact 4 or 5 people at a time – no fear.  I may get bubkiss or a response from all.  Doesn’t matter really, you can tell within a few emails if you want to keep talking to them or not.  Then I start the process over again. 

          Side note – The response from all, although rare, can get you into trouble.  I at one time did have to label a guy “Bill 2” in my cell so not to confuse him with the first Bill. 

          Think of it as trail and error (well, maybe many errors.)  And save the game play for Vegas.