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Let Me See Your Mug

          Looks are important.  There I said it.  And if anyone says “no” – get real.  Come on, think about it.  If a bucked-tooth hillbilly with a dust cloud behind him starts to approach you, are you really going to contemplate how good their personality is?  No, you’re going to plug your nose and high tail it outta there.

          Now that that extreme example is out of the way, allow me to start off by saying, a picture does say a thousand words.  And looks being important, I just mean the person has to look good to you.  Let’s face it, if you are doing this to find someone you would actually date, they would need a jump-their-bones factor.  Wouldn’t you agree?

          Therefore, if you’re going to do this – post a pic.  Sorry, but your personality isn’t everything.

Which pics to post?

1)                 Choose something that looks like you.  Not a picture that if you’re angled a certain way…and the light hits just so…magic happens behind the lens. 

I once went into the bar I was supposed to be meeting someone at, looked around and walked out.  Then, sent a text asking if he was there.  If he hadn’t text back with what he was wearing I never would’ve recognized him.

2)                 A recent pic – not 10 years and 20 pounds ago.  Or a childhood picture.  You may have been cute then but what I’m seeing is that the years may not have been so kind and you’re hiding that little factoid. 

This is important because should you get to the meeting stage you want to be recognized.  You also don’t want an obvious look of disappointment when the person sees you.  Be true to you.

3)                 A close up of the face and a full body.  And if you want to show that you have a personality, something fun.  More than one pic is great but I don’t need a portfolio.

How the pic/bio combo work:

-If you’ve got a great pic and you’re sporting the solo phrase, “I have a great personality,” in your bio.  Not gonna cut it.  Gives the impression that you look nice but a conversation with a can of tomato pasta may be more intriguing.

-A great bio with no pic won’t get many looks.

-The pic hesitation I mentioned before works like this: If your pic is just –eh – either you’re an average Joe/Jane or you don’t photograph well.  Viewers may be on the fence.  But, add an entertaining bio and that’s when looks aren’t important.