Around the Block…Again

     Once upon a time I received an email.  It was from a man who viewed my profile.  He found me intriguing and thought I was cute.  I responded to his email.  We had a short lived emailing relationship and then he disappeared.  Time went on and he was soon forgotten, as other emails and profiles filled his place.

     Then one day, no different from any other day, I received an email.  The screename looked familiar and I opened the email to a man introducing himself to me.  I read the email, looked at the picture, and without hesitation hit the reply button.  My carefully thought out response went something like this, “I hate to break it to you but you’ve already contacted me.  We emailed a few times and then you disappeared.”

     To my surprise he emailed back.  I thought the mild humiliation would have steered him away.  He profusely apologized and asked questions like when we emailed and such.  As a courtesy I responded, believing never to hear from him again.  Again I was wrong.  In this email he asked, “…if we can pick up where we left off?  Or start over?” 

     I did not feel he was worthy of my reply.  But for those of you curious, it went a little something like this: YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!  Jackass.

     I try not to ask for too much in a relationship.  And everyone has their things they look and ask for.  I personally do not want to have to ask someone to try to remember me the next day.  I would hope that’d be a given.


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